2022 Whitepaper
State of the Genetic Health Information Network: Insights from a Multi-Stakeholder Summit on the Digital Infrastructure to Enable Precision Medicine

The 2022 Genetic Health Information Network Summit took place Sept 14-16 in Nashville. Once again, the event gathered a multi-stakeholder group of influential leaders for a solution-oriented discussion on enabling precision medicine at scale. Participants included health plans, hospital systems, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, laboratories, pharma, technology leaders, patients, and advocacy organizations.

At this Summit, a new “case study” format enabled participants to share successes in multi-stakeholder collaboration fostered among organizations and individuals who have participated in previous Summits over the years. In addition, sessions dove deep into prevention and population screening, rare disease diagnostics, and molecular oncology.

In particular, five impactful themes emerged that differentiated the discussion from previous meetings.

  1. A new paradigm of recurring testing is taking hold, raising many challenges and opportunities.
  2. A “genome for everyone” is not coming soon despite the growing evidence of the benefit of whole genome sequencing (WGS).
  3. Leading electronic health record (EHR) vendors have released genomics modules, but transmission of structured test results remains infrequent.
  4. Automation in prior authorization is happening on a pilot basis.
  5. Direct patient engagement is driving valuable genomics use cases.

Each of these is unpacked in the paper.

Call for Case Studies
The paper also proposes a dynamic addition for the 2023 Summit (Oct 25-27). Organizers invite stakeholders from across the ecosystem to present multi-stakeholder solutions. The intent is to showcase innovations fostered by Summit participants that are enabling precision medicine at scale, providing visibility to influential leaders across the ecosystem including potential advisors, customers, partners, and sources of funding.

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